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"The world needs to understand that there is a viable way of caring, and of being part of a solution for the lesser fortunate in terms of - not keeping them where they are, and "we're the saviors coming and giving them food" and all that. No, no, no, no, no... but, just like I got a leg up in my life, give someone else a leg up."
- Magatte Wade, Senegalese entrepreneur & change-maker with a passion for creating positive change in Africa through economic freedom. Podcast: The Heart of the Cheetah

A Noble Cause

At this grassroots stage of our development, your generous investment in support of our mission provides the necessary fuel us to become fully self-sufficient through agriculture, providing a solid foundation for these children to not only survive, but to thrive, even with the most basic of human needs: wholesome food, safe shelter, clean water, clean air, physical and mental health care, and creative, wholistic education to prepare them for the future.

During the current famine, drought and inflation crisis in Uganda,

these are the highly processed, non-nutritive

survival foods we can currently afford for

32 children (16 of our kids are pictured):

White bread, rice or corn flour, and cooking oil.

The amount of food above was provided by one person.

With humble donations from only 3 benefactors from three

different countries, we were able to add much-needed protein

from milk and eggs, and enough food for two weeks,

as well as new shoes for all the children! 

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Three Phases of Development

We have simplified our needs into phases: Short, Medium and Long Term goals.

Please indicate whether you prefer your funds to be used in restricted or unrestricted ways. Restricted means that the funds are to be used for a specific purpose, which are listed in the phases below.

If you would like to earmark your gift as 'unrestricted.' This means we are free to use the funds as we see fit. (Examples: unforeseen emergencies, birthday/holiday gifts/parties for the children, transportation, educational excursions, etc.)

Our most pressing needs are listed below. 



Amounts are listed in US dollars. Exchange rates vary regularly depending on the country and world economy.
Please check your country's currency against the Ugandan Shilling UGX
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Sustainable Support

One of our goals in 2023 is to generate a stream of monthly support so that we can move to Phase 2 of our development plan toward self-sufficiency.

Please consider adding us to your monthly budget in whatever amount you are able, and contribute directly through our GoFundMe page.

Because of the current structural obstacles in Uganda, we are currently challenged to meet each crisis as it comes, with very rare opportunities to build enough of a surplus of funds to see us through. This also makes healthcare emergencies particularly difficult.

We really don't want to put out calls for emergency support anymore. Once we achieve NGO/Nonprofit Status, tax-deductible donations can be made right here on the website, with the opportunity to make a monthly automatic credit card donation. Unfortunately, GoFundMe does not currently offer this option, so each donor will have to make a regular gift on their own.

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  • KAMPALA RENT $800 Every 4 months 
  • We rent our Kampala House for $200/month, but landlords here demand 6 months in advance. We have talked them into accepting 4 months, as we are a grassroots organization, but raising even this amount has been a challenge. The threat of homelessness is ever-present. We would like to eliminate that stress.
  • FOOD $1,000/month ($31.25 per child): Emergency survival food supply for 32 children. These funds will go toward the best foods we can afford. Children require protein, which is currently a rarity for these children.
  • If just 32 people committed to just $1per day, about $30 per month, or $365 per year, our children would never fear hunger. Imagine!
  • A single $50 donation will feed about half our kids bread and rice or maize flour and cooking oil for one week.
  • $70 will feed a few more.
  • $100 allows us to include milk and eggs in their diet for a week or two, and helps get new shoes, clothing or other basic necessities for the children.
Inflation, especially high in the city, has created an even greater challenge for us. We often run very low on food. Sometimes we even run out completely. World organizations only provide aid to refugees or victims of natural disasters. We have reached out to all of them to no avail. Children experience hunger differently than adults.
  • HEALTHCARE $320/month ($10 per child):
We have a few special needs children who require extra medication regularly. We also experience seasonal illnesses like Malaria, a life-threatening parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

In Uganda, 35,000 – 50,000 children under 5 die of Malaria each year. It is the leading cause of death in our country, yet it is a preventable, treatable diseaseWithout treatment, a child with acute malaria may die within

24 hours. 

Dysentery, respiratory infections, stomach viruses and Covid are also common health threats to children. With 32 kids in our care, we must be prepared for emergencies.
  • BEDDING $3,000/one-time investment:
We need mattresses and bedding for all 32 kids. Mosquito nets would also be extremely helpful.
      SUCCESS! We raised enough to build the dormitory, equipped with safety windows and          doors! We still need to finish the floors and provide adequate bedding, but they are         
      already able to use it! Thank you to those who made it happen and our angel donor who
      matched gifts! 
SUCCESS! $3,080 first school term, due September. (Average of $110 per child for 28 school-age children includes all fees and required supplies such as uniforms, shoes, bags, books, pens, colors, etc.) We could not afford school fees for all our children this past year, so they could not attend, which puts our organization's legal registration status in serious jeopardy. This is a major challenge for us.
There are 3 terms per school year. Please let us know if you would like to contribute toward the next two terms!
  • HOUSING $200/month rent in Kampala
SUCCESS! We raised enough to cover 4 months, through December 2022! 
  • SHELTER $2,000/one-time investment:
SUCCESS! We have raised enough to purchase a good quality tent to temporarily house 8 children while we focus on building an annex room onto Mum's house in the country. Moving them to the country will significantly lower food costs and school fees, so THANK YOU to the heroes that made this temporary accommodation possible!​
Bugingo Letter.png
Celebrate our first achievement with us!
YOU have helped us break free of the slums! Look at us now! We can begin to raise container crops, and even raise chickens and rabbits!
desire gardening 2.jpeg
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desire balcony.jpeg



  • LIVESTOCK REPLACEMENT: $2,200 value. Someone recently poisoned 11 of our pigs, including 2 pregnant and nursing mothers. One mother also recently died from swine fever, and her 6 babies refused to eat, so we lost them as well. Only one piglet survived.

We have relied on this livestock to use as currency to pay the costs of rent, education and food. We can not even use the meat now. The police are investigating the poisoning, but meanwhile we have lost a major source of our sustenance, and need help recuperating these costs.
pigs 2.jpeg

The loss of our precious livestock is a devastating blow to us.

  • NGO STATUS: $778-800/one-time investment. Although we are proud to have achieved official incorporation, we are working hard to gain our NGO/Nonprofit status as an orphanage/residential school, so that your investment donations can become tax-deductible and our kids can be educated together on the premises. This will be much easier to achieve once the children are in a safe, stable situation. 
  • FARMING: Costs TBD: Once we have achieved our PHASE ONE priorities and have moved all 32 children out to the village, we would like to set up a small farm so that Bugingo can move from the city and devote 100% of his time and energy to farming and caring for the children's needs. He is an accomplished, professional farmer, and will, with his crops and livestock, sustain the children and sell produce as a means of income for himself, his mum, and Desire Child Care Foundation. 




We have already begun designing our beautiful home for orphaned and vulnerable children. With the help of designer Nangonzi Sarah, we have created a vision of how our compound might look:​
Desire Compound.png
a) Girls Dormitory
b) Main Hall (with library, prayer/meditation chapel & common room)
c) Classrooms
d) Classrooms
e) Toilets
f) Administration Block
g) Teachers Housing
h) Boys Dormitory
i) Sick Bay
j) Dining Hall/Kitchen/chicken coop
Also: Sports area, pool, playground, open central courtyard, orchard, agricultural food-growing areas, flower gardens, and shady trees for climbing and sitting under.
In time, we will purchase land to build on, farm on, and provide a safe home for underserved children, early childhood to adulthood. We will provide them with a well-rounded, arts-based education in the heart of nature. Every child deserves a loving, clean, and welcoming foundation to build their lives upon. They are the future of Uganda, of Africa and of the world. Help us make this dream a reality.
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Thank You to Our
Kind Family of Donors:

T. Nabulime          D. Dinkmeyer
H.C. Allen             J. Dinkmeyer
I. Graham             M. Cotter           
F. Gardner             J. Martinez          C. Gefter               J. Leight              J. El-Hai                 T. Light
K. Wolking             R. Bratton
P. Eaton                 Say What Gallery
T.R. Logan              G. Hinds
C.Pollock                E. Bailey
J. Chong                 T. McCracken
Anonymous             S. Kim
Anonymous             P. Valle
W. Moriarty            Y. Gueheneuc
Saúde Integral Ltd. - Dr. Jakob 
Anonymous         Garner Solutions LLC
E.Shin                    E. Eggenberger
D. McCauley            J. Lia                Anonymous              T. Russell            M. Acedo                
E. Liston

P. Christiansen            T. Russell
P. Jones                      J. Collins
J. Quillen                   Y. Gourlay
C. Moceri                  D. Antilla
P. Oswald

Let's save orphaned and vulnerable children together and grow this list!

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